Our Budget Overview

Here is how things break down.  Hopefully seeing these hard numbers will help people understand that normal families can accomplish financial freedom as well!

We make $4,584.00 base pay and $1272.00 for our housing allowance.  We choose to live on base and our rent is $1,150 (includes utilities) therefore we receive $122 back each month making our take home pay roughly $4,032 (after taxes and such).

Our starting number is $4,032 for each month.

Expenses that are not debt are:

  • Cellphone 1 – $39.73
  • Cellphone 2 – $39.73
  • Internet – $44.99
  • Netflix – $15.37
  • Insurance – $149.82
  • Total expenses = 289.64

Our debts:

  • Personal loan – $449.56
  • Student loans – $202.36
  • Vehicle 1 – $350
  • Vehicle 2 – $350
  • Revolving debt – $125
  • Total debt = $1476.92

Phew.  So much debt!

Those two categories added together means that $1766.56 automatically comes out of our account each month leaving $2265.44

This is an improvement from a few years ago if you can believe that; we’ve since paid off THREE debts and have received a few pay increases.


Currently we are snowballing at least $750 a month into our debt automatically, but will randomly throw chunks as the month goes on.

We’re hoping that this blog keeps us in check so we can throw at least $1,000 additional toward our debt each month.

Now let’s high five since we just showed y’all our skeletons, that’s the appropriate thing to do, correct?